Middle School Meeting Update!

Hello my awesome middle schoolers! Great meeting this past week. You guys did up some awesome posters, and we are looking good for this upcoming weekend!

The line-up is as follows:

Mason – you will be working the Donut Race from 1pm-3pm

Jaylynn – you will be working either the Donut race or the Bean Bag Toss from 3pm-5pm. We’ll see where we need your much appreciated services!

Sahvannah and Harveyanna – you two have graciously offered to do face painting from 1pm-5pm. Please let me know as soon as possible if this is not going to work or if you can only be here for a shorter period of time. Just got to plan on covering you two lovely (awesome – there Sahvannah, I said it) ladies.

Bryce, Alex, and (welcome newcomer!) Dylan, I haven’t gotten verification that you talked to parents and that you can come for a shift. Please have your parents either call me at (315)682-6400 or email me at hnelepovitz@onlib.org as soon as possible if you would like to help out. 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm, or 1pm-5pm are all shifts that are available for you to help out (and if a parent wants to help out too! WELCOME!)

I am hoping to do some set-up Friday night, so that way Saturday will run smoothly. Thank you guys again for all your creativity this past week. We will be having another official meeting of Club Middle School on November 1st. Homework help from 5pm-6pm and Mason will be bringing Sleepy Hollow for us to watch. Sahvannah had a fantastic idea that we should wear of PJ’s that day! I will be partaking in this suggestion, will you?

Here is the link to sign-up for the November 1st Club Middle School meeting;


Hope to see you all this Saturday, October 27th! Thanks guys! Until next time!

~Miss Heather (aka Miss Librarian)


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