Hey Club Middle Schoolers! How goes it? Thanks for a fun time last Thursday! Sorry I had absolutely no energy! You guys wore me out with Just Dance! If you need more time to do homework, like we did last week, just shout out! Hope you all did good on your tests and assignments!

Okay so our next Club Middle School will be on Thursday, January 17th. As usual 5pm-6pm is homework time and 6pm-8pm is fun time. I’ll try and get Just Dance 4 again, gonna look into a couple more fun games like that. See what new board games I can come across as well!

Don’t forget to sign up and I hope to see you all there!

Click on the link below to get your name on the list!


I’m thinking of doing some kind of trivia game about movies or music or something. Guess it will be a surprise! Don’t forget to sign up so I know how many subs and drinks to bring!

Ms. Heather (aka Ms. Librarian)


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