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Hey guys, so just like a did last month with movies, here are some cool web links I’ve found that I thought you guys may be able to use here. There’s a mix of plan old fun and some education here. Enjoy! I’ve given a little annotation following each of the links, so you don’t need to click around randomly 😀 See you guys soon!

No Flying, No Tights –

So, I promise not to make all these links about books and reading! But, I’m an avid user of this website. If you guys like graphic novels, but aren’t really into the whole superhero aspect, this is a great place to go to find something new to read. Particularly in the summer, I love a good graphic novel that I can zoom through in one sitting at the beach or sitting outside. Stock up on a couple or have fun clicking around to the different topics!

WeVideo –

So, this is a really cool tool to play around with your friends. You can get a free subscription (check out the pricing link) which has a lot of limitations on it, but you can still do some cool stuff. Make a 15 minute video with your friends or for a school project. You get a lot of video editing features that other free services don’t supply. Fun for both home and school stuff.

Quizlet –

You guys gearing up for Regents or Finals? Quizlet is a website that lets you quiz yourself on any topic, all for free. There is pretty much anything you guys will come across from now until your UnderGrad, so bookmark this page and keep it for future reference if not something you can use right now! Trust me on this! Plus, it’s a lot of fun to just test your own knowledge and see what others may know as well!

A Google A Day –

So, the only problem with this website is that YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT. If your parents are cool with that, this is so much fun! It’s general trivia that you can then post on your G+ account and have your friends try to beat you. You can even challenge you friends on particular questions, see if they know as much as you do!

Check out those links, let me know what you guys thinks, and I’ll see you at the next meeting!

Ms. Heather



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