So, I’m a huge fan of Scaredy Squirrel. He’s adorable and paranoid. Basically, he’s awesome! I thought you all may enjoy this video from Scaredy Squirrel. Yes, it’s an advertisement for his book, but he gives some great tips on being safe this Halloween!

Have a safe and very fun Halloween!

~Miss Heather



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October Preview

We’ve got a lot of cool things happening at the Manlius Library in October, and one event in particular we need your help for!

Homework Help will keep on right through October. Every Wednesday from 5:00pm – 8:00pm come to the Children’s Circulation Desk with any homework problems, questions, projects, etc.

Your Day Off From School on Monday, October 14, 2013 will have a movie shown here at the library at 1:00pm. More information to come!

The weekend before Halloween (Saturday, October 26,2013) we will be putting on a Halloween Carnival for the elementary school kids. We could really use your help! Please let Miss Heather or Miss Kori know ASAP if you are able to come and work a “booth,” help set up, break down, or anything you are able to do! Pizza will be provided to all helpers, costumes are invited (just nothing scary or inappropriate please!). We hope you can lend a hand on this date. The carnival runs from 2:00pm – 4:00pm, but we would need helpers to set up beginning at 1:00pm. Call (315)682-6400 or email me at batgirl9209@gmail.com for more information, to help out, or if you have any questions or concerns!

Pizza & Books will be occurring on Sunday, October 27, 2013. More information to come on this event as well!

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Pizza and Books Reminder

This is just a reminder that Pizza & Books will be occurring next Sunday, September 29, 2013! Click on the link below to find out more and to sign-up!


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Library Card Sign-Up Month

Hey guys. So, September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. I know a lot of you all have library cards, awesome! But you may have friends or family who don’t!

Remind them that a library card is one of the most important tools in your wallet! It’s not just about checking out books, but checking into knowledge! (I know, corny, right, but it’s true!).

There are so many other cool things you can do with your library card! Download music, eBooks, use our databases (eh-hem, school work and projects!), and of course, check out the multitude of books throughout the Onondaga County Library system!

Send them in and have them sign-up! And if you don’t have a card, GET ONE!

Library Card Sign-Up Month

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I’m baaaaccckkkk! Welcome back everyone! Hope you guys had a great summer! I know I did!

So to kick this Fall out right, I’ve got a cool update! We are going to combine together Club Middle School with Pizza & Books into this crazy, awesome, match up!  There will still be Homework Help available to those of you who need that. It will be every Wednesday evening from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Children’s Circulation Desk. Just come on up and ask me questions. There will be room for you to work if you need the space.


Come to the first Middle School Pizza and Books on Sunday, September 29, 2013. It will be from 1:30pm – 4:00pm in the Community Room. Please do a few things for me before this date!

1) Sign-Up! Do so by clicking on the link below!


2) Read the Book! Which will be Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein. Copies will be available at the Children’s Circulation Desk ASAP!

3) Get Ready for Jeopardy! That’s right, more Jeopardy! Winning team wins the biggest candy bar! Read those books, people!

4) Get Ready for Some Fun! We’re going to talk about an upcoming event in October (the Halloween carnival) and some ideas you guys may have for that as well as having the Wii out, some other crafts and fun things to do, etc.

Hope to see you guys there!

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

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Cool Links

Hey guys, so just like a did last month with movies, here are some cool web links I’ve found that I thought you guys may be able to use here. There’s a mix of plan old fun and some education here. Enjoy! I’ve given a little annotation following each of the links, so you don’t need to click around randomly 😀 See you guys soon!

No Flying, No Tights – http://noflyingnotights.com/category/kids/

So, I promise not to make all these links about books and reading! But, I’m an avid user of this website. If you guys like graphic novels, but aren’t really into the whole superhero aspect, this is a great place to go to find something new to read. Particularly in the summer, I love a good graphic novel that I can zoom through in one sitting at the beach or sitting outside. Stock up on a couple or have fun clicking around to the different topics!

WeVideo – http://www.wevideo.com/

So, this is a really cool tool to play around with your friends. You can get a free subscription (check out the pricing link) which has a lot of limitations on it, but you can still do some cool stuff. Make a 15 minute video with your friends or for a school project. You get a lot of video editing features that other free services don’t supply. Fun for both home and school stuff.

Quizlet – http://quizlet.com/

You guys gearing up for Regents or Finals? Quizlet is a website that lets you quiz yourself on any topic, all for free. There is pretty much anything you guys will come across from now until your UnderGrad, so bookmark this page and keep it for future reference if not something you can use right now! Trust me on this! Plus, it’s a lot of fun to just test your own knowledge and see what others may know as well!

A Google A Day – http://agoogleaday.com/#game=started

So, the only problem with this website is that YOU MUST HAVE A GOOGLE+ ACCOUNT. If your parents are cool with that, this is so much fun! It’s general trivia that you can then post on your G+ account and have your friends try to beat you. You can even challenge you friends on particular questions, see if they know as much as you do!

Check out those links, let me know what you guys thinks, and I’ll see you at the next meeting!

Ms. Heather


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Club Middle School – April 18, 2013

HEY GUYS! Here is your last reminder that this will be the final Club Middle School meeting until the Fall! Gotta get ready for that Summer Reading Program! So don’t forget to sign-up by clicking on the link below and I hope I will see you there tomorrow night!


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