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Celebrate Saturnalia!

‘Tis the season of holidays! Did you know that in Ancient Rome, December 17 – 23 a festival was held to honor Saturn, the god of agriculture? It was a time of merriment at the end of harvesting and wine making. Time of merriment….sound familiar?

During Saturnalia, presents were exchanged (again, sound familiar?), sacrifices offered (phew, glad we got rid of that!), and masters served their slaves (no comment).

In Romany mythology, Saturn was the agricultural deity who reigned over the world in the “Golden Age,” when humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of the earth without having to farm it and all were equal (no kings, masters, etc.). The revelries of Saturnalia were supposed to revisit those “lost” days of the “Golden Age.”

Have a very Happy Saturnalia everyone!


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